Private Yoga Classes

Chakra Series ( 6 Sessions)

This series has 6 sessions, I will explain a little deeper about chakras. Every session will cover one chakra on which we will work on. We will discuss about under active, over active chakra and how this will effect the body, emotions, thoughts and the energy. We also discuss about what we can do to bring balance in our system. We will work on the physical as well as subtle body.

Every session will cleanse your body and give you an opportunity to understand the yoga with scientific approach.

The systematic approach is that I will give one or two maximum classes in a month and you need to do your given practices for month or until next class. That’s how not only you will get perfection in your practices but also it will be helpful to understand how your energies are behaving. This will give you enough time to make sure if you need any changes in your practices too.

Every session ends with meditation.  

Each session will be 75 minutes.



Charges : $460.00

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